Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The other Medieval Bagpipe blog

Yesterday I was posting as usual, then I had the thought "if I change the name of the blog to "medieval bagpipes", like in plural, it would be easier to find in the internet. When I tried I found another blog:


After reading this blog I felt so defeated... for so many reasons:

1. Is a blog with almost the same name as mine.
2. It is about the same subject, only that I include tips of aestetic customisation and repairs.
3. This guy has been doing it for much longer and also has a band.
4. He refers that the learning methods I've been using have been wrong.

Now a million questions assault my head:

Are the baroque chanters straighter than the mixodilian (scotish) ones? what is the most common key that people play on in bagpipe medieval bands? is it D, just like in the tin whistle? can be the scotish chanter be altered at all or do I need to build/get a new one? will PVC be good for it? Will I need to make a new reed myself? How do I tune the fingerholes once I have made the chanter?...

...or should I ask Ardor (one of the members of Corvus Corax, who is also friends with my girlfriend) all of these questions.

Any advice to be given, anyone?