Monday, February 18, 2008

Changing the look of the cheap pipes.

Alright. Now I have to change the Pipes.

I think the look of the GHB is cool, but there is so many of them around that when you see any other set of pipes it blows your head away.

My thought is to be faithful to the Medieval european tradition and have just two drones; a bass one and a tenor. The look of the bottom of the chanter will be molded on epoxy, just as the cover for the chanter bore, which will be a dragon's head made of epoxy too. The bag cover will be either worked on soft leather (I want it to be very elastic, so I'm not too sure about this) or in some nice medieval patchment, red and gold or something like that.

It will have lots of black and metal painting, with touches of very dark green and dark red. The joints will be made of leather and I will use lots of old rings and cheap fantasy jewelry hanging here and there. And the best bit is that since I spent so little on the set I don't mind if I ruin it.

I wont be able to compete with scotish pipers, but I just don't want to, or need to. I am aiming to do something different. If there was some website around to help people like me...

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