Sunday, February 24, 2008

Customization start

Last night I gave up on the PVC chanter I was making. It would have been a lot easier to place the baroque fingering on it because it is a straight chanter, but every time I tried to blow air on it it sounded really horrible and the finger holes were kind of irrelevant.

The finger holes on the regular Scottish chanter are distributed in such way that they relate to the conical shape of the whole piece. I had no other choice...

... I got some tools and started carving new holes on the cheap chanter I got (always thinking that it had probably cost me 10p).

I also need to take rid of one of the drones for good, so I will need to make a new bag. I chose a nice piece of vinyl from the fabric shop down the road. It cost me about £5/m.

I bought two bars of Milliput (epoxy). I paid £7 for both and their mission is to cover the holes that I carved by mistake or the bits that make some notes go too sharp or too flat. I am also making a gargoyle's head for the chanter bore, such as the ones Saltatio Mortis and other German pipers bring up in some of their shows.

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