Monday, February 18, 2008

Epoxy Chanter

I molded an epoxy chanter. In one of our visits to London I took advantage of the availability of components in the city and bought few bars of "Milliput" and made the chanter.

To that purpose I printed a picture from the internet, scale 1:1. I followed the instructions, everything was fine. It looks really nice and I needed to try it.

In some point I used the reed from the practice chanter on it, and guess what, the fingering didn't make any sense. None of the notes were right. What did I do wrong?

Anyway, the sound was horrible. The Epoxy is strong as stone, and it can take as much moisture as a frog, but the composition of the material just gives away a poor, ducklike sound.

Months later I found out that the problem was not the fingering, but the reed. If you try to use a practice chanter reed on a real bagpipe chanter nothing will make sense, since the one is made to measure the other.

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