Friday, February 15, 2008

Kaltenberg Ritterturnier:

My girlfriend took me to Kaltenberg, finally. I had been growing a beard for that sole purpose and my outfit had been carefully thought of.

There was the same people from the Treffen, selling bagpipes, but this time they brought a cathaloge. They had a bunch of shawns hanging from the top of the tent, while the smoke and smell of burned wood was striking our nostrils from the market. The atmosphere was amazing. We asked for the price of the shawns (chanter made of blackwood, bell of rosewood) and the price went through our ears like a bullet, not letting our brain to process it (I have seen the same shawns in the internet for nearly half the price), so we didn't ask for the price of the whole pipes, again.

Corvus Corax perform three times per day on Kaltenberg Ritterturnier, since they are the official minstrels of the event. They have a short performance before the jousting, one to open the jousting and a long performance after.

Note: Kaltenberg is a huge event. Carries on for three days a week, three weeks in a month, having an average attendance of 10,000 - 12,000 people per day.

There were lots of pipers about, from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France... none from Scotland, strangely, even there were quite a few people dressed in kilts (ancient ones). Finally I adquired a really nice fighting sword, made in Czeck Republic and we went home. As soon as I took off my wet clothes (it was raining cats and dogs) I started practising with the practise chanter again...

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